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If you need to host conference calls via toll free access for a primarily U.S. conference call audience, our 800 Meet Me service offers attractive pricing and superb line quality to accommodate your conference call requirements all across all 50 U.S. states as well as Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Guam.  There are no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements, and no sign-up fees.  This is a "pay as you go" service that charges you for what you use, when you use it.  
No Gimmicks
Our "pay as you go" service has a flat rate of 3.9 per minute.  Callers from Canada may access your conference at just 4.9 per minute.  Callers anywhere in the world can access the conference bridge for just 2.7 per minute by dialing a regular U.S. toll number.  In addition we offer toll free access from 18 countries around the globe.
No Minimum Usage required to
get our lowest rate 
How many times have you run across a conference call ad on Google or elsewhere where the conference call provider quotes a low toll free conference call rate, only to discover that you must use 10,000 or 5,000 minutes per month to get that particular rate?  Seriously - how annoying is that?  
With our 800 Meet Me service you always get our low toll free rate of 3.9 per minute whether you use 100 minutes a month or 100,000 minutes a month.  If you don't use the service in any given month, there are no charges.  Simple as that.  You don't have to subscribe to a plan where you get charged a package fee for certain number of minutes per month.   This is strictly "pay as you go" where you pay ONLY for what you use in any month - and no more.  

Pay As You Go Toll Free Conference Calls


Superb network with superb quality

The 800 Meet Me service utilizes Multi-Link System 70 & 700, Octave 1000 digital bridges and ThinkEngine bridges co-located in five  megacenters throughout the United States.   We currently have 27,000 ports of capacity with approximately 17,000 additional overflow ports. Local access is provided by Level 3 and each ILEC.  The network is on fiber from its locations directly to our carrier's POP's with full redundancy.

Our systems are totally redundant. We have four network carriers with multiple entry points into our building. We have total emergency back up systems with natural gas generators that can run seamlessly during any power outages.  In short, we have the capabilities and resources to handle your conference call traffic.


Reservation-less calling

800 Meet Me is on-demand conferencing service which enables you and your conferees to pick up the phone, dial your toll free number, and enter the conferencing codes.  The service comes with a free interface that enables you to monitor your conference calls live over the internet.  You can mute any line, secure or lock the conference to prevent new participants from joining after the call has started, view the list of participants, record the call, and delete any participant with just one click. 


Easy to use

1)  All conference call participants dial our toll free access number to enter the conference bridge

2)  At the prompt, participants enter their PIN

3)  All conferees are then connected together and the conference begins

As the service is reservation-less, you can host conference calls whenever you desire, 24/7.   No reservations, scheduling, or operators are required.

Does the service offer toll free access  from other countries?
Yes.  Besides toll free access from Canada and the U.S., we can offer toll free access from 18 other countries around the world.  See the list and per minute rates below.  Bear in mind that callers anywhere around the world can join your conference call via a U.S. toll number, for which your account is charged just 2.7 per minute, per line.


  Country Rate/min 
   Austria    $0.159  
   Belgium    $0.159  
   Brazil     $0.239  
   China    $0.499   
   Denmark     $0.399  
   France    $0.169  
   Germany    $0.159  
   Ireland     $0.159  
   Italy     $0.179  
   Japan    $0.419  
   Mexico     $0.299  
   Netherlands    $0.169  
   Poland    $0.179  
   Spain     $0.179  
   Sweden    $0.159  
   Switzerland    $0.189  
   Taiwan    $0.249  
   United Kingdom    $0.189  


If your company or organization conducts international conference calls on a regular basis and seeks a larger footprint in terms of international toll free access, we recommend our international conference calls service (which offers toll free access from more than 50 countries around the world).


800 Meet Me versus "bucket of minutes" plans   

With 800 Meet Me, you pay only for the minutes that you actually consume in any given month.   If your conference call activity and attendance varies from month to month, you could wind up getting charged for minutes that aren't used.  


With "bucket of minutes" or similar package plans, you're getting charged for the plan's number of minutes whether you use them or not.  The "bucket of minutes" and similar block plans do not roll over unused minutes to the following month.  If you don't use 'em, you lose 'em.


Furthermore, these types of package plans often assess a higher per minute charge for any minutes consumed in excess of the monthly plan.   With 800 Meet Me you pay for what you use - and no more.  There are no "excess" charges applied because all calls are billed at the same low rate of 3.9 per minute.  In today's financial environment, companies and organizations are working harder to identify cost-cutting strategies.  It doesn't make sense to waste your cents.  


3.9 per minute  Toll Free Conference Calls
Is there a penalty for cancelling service?

Service can be cancelled at any time with no penalty.   Your account is "month to month," meaning that there is no longer term commitment or contract. 


Billing and Payment

Applicable local, state, and federal taxes are assessed as required by law in addition to the FCC-mandated Universal Services Fund surcharge.  Your account can be set up for payment via major credit card or payment via check with 30 day terms.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 


Each month you receive an invoice via E-mail that gives an itemized listing of your conference call activity, including date/time of call, number of participants, and the length of the call.  You also have the ability to retrieve this very same information throughout the course of the month through online account management.  
Account Features 
  • Monitor conference calls live over the internet
  • Reservation-less service
  • Payment to major credit card or receive invoice and pay by check
  • [* 2] Starts recording conference call
  • [* 3] Starts playback
  • [* 4] Applies Gain (volume) to all lines
  • [* 5] Mutes all participants except leader
  • [* 6] Individual conferee mute
  • [* 7] Secures conference - blocks entry
  • [* 8] Tells the leader how many are on the conference call
  • [# 8] Gives leader a private roll call roster
  •  Record conference calls free
  •  Moderator can mute all lines
  •  Conferees can mute their own line
  •  Optional 'name announce'
  •  Optional entry/exit tones
Description of other features


Music on hold Attendees will listen to music until a moderator joins the conference.  Once the moderator joins the conference, the music will shut off and the conference may begin.


Entry Tone Entry tones let conference attendees know when someone joins the conference.


Exit Tone Exit tones let conference attendees know when someone disconnects from the conference.


Auto Hangup Auto Hangup will disconnect all participants from a conference once the last moderator in a conference hangs up their line.  Use this feature to ensure that all lines become immediately available for subsequent conferences and to avoid excessive charges to a moderator who is paying in full.


Security Allows moderator to secure the conference.  Security prevents the entry of additional participants once the moderator locks the conference.  Security must be requested at the time of account set-up so it can be programmed for use.  The feature is activated by the moderator by pressing *7 and deactivate it by pressing *7.  


Name Record/Playback This feature allows each participant to record their name before entering the conference so that (by pressing *8) a roster of participants that are currently in conference may be played back.  This feature may also be used for entry and exit announcements, instead of tones.


Billing Code Prompt System will request the host of the conference to enter a billing code, which will appear on their invoice.  This feature assists in billing back clients.


Free Conference Viewer  We provide access to a Free Conference Viewer that gives the host an online window to the call.  The viewer provides call management tools that give you the ability to mute/un-mute individual lines or all participants at once, start a recording, disconnect participants, view caller ID of participants, sub-conference with participants from conference, etc.


Why set up toll free conferencing?

800 Meet Me enables your company or organization to absorb the conference calling costs for all conference call participants.   Conferees are more likely to join your call if they have a toll free access number.  Not all prospective conference call participants will have cheap rates to a regular U.S. toll number.  Providing toll free access encourages the broadest possible conference call participation.  


If, in fact, your conference call participants are all able to call a regular U.S. toll number at cheap rates, or if you simply prefer instead that your conferees be responsible for the cost of the call, we would then recommend our extremely attractive flat rate unlimited conference call  service.  


What charges are incurred by conference call participants?

The call is free to all conference call participants who join the conference call via toll free access.  Conference call participants who join the conference by calling the regular U.S. toll number - whether they dial in from the U.S. or outside the U.S. - are billed to your account at 2.7 per minute per line.  They, of course, are then responsible for their own costs associated with dialing the regular U.S. toll number.   If all of your conference call participants have access to unlimited U.S. long distance, you may then wish to consider our flat rate unlimited conference call service.  


How are individual call costs calculated?

Multiply (a) the number of callers x (b) the per minute rate  x (c) the length of the conference call.  A x B x C = total call cost.

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