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Conference call plans designed to meet your needs

Whether you make numerous conference calls or the occasional conference call,
we can offer a plan that will meet your needs.   We offer robust yet simple conference call solutions for businesses and organizations that have the need to communicate internationally with their partners on a regular basis.   We also
deliver exceptional
value for businesses and organizations in the U.S. and Canada whose conference
calling is limited to the U.S. and Canada - and who seek a "pay as you go" conference
call solution.      
In today's economy, a common theme prevails:  companies and organizations are discovering that they can reduce travel costs and streamline their communications process by conducting conference calls.  Our services provide outstanding value and
low cost, while delivering the level of service that your business or organization
demands.  See below a description of our available conference call plans.

    Global Conference Calls    

Our newest international conference call plan, providing a wide footprint of
international toll free service (ITFS) access
and international toll access from
105 countries around the world. 
The service is "reservation-less" and "On
Demand," offering
24/7 access
and 24/7 customer support based in the U.S. 
Tier 1, Business class quality.  Incredibly
competitive international "dial out"
rates.  Free online conference manager.

International Conference Calls    
Robust international conference call plan that provides toll free access from
more than 50 countries around the world.  Customers may also enable the
"dial out" feature that enables them to enjoin conference participants located

anywhere in the world.  The service is "reservation-less," offering
24/7 access

and 24/7 customer support based in the U.S.  Business class quality backed

by the Tier-1 network of an industry leader.  Free MP3 recordings.  
Outstanding audio quality.

   Canada Toll Free Conference Calls   
Superb pricing for businesses and organizations in Canada.  This great service,
called Canada Meet Me 800, offers 4.9 per minute toll free conference call access
 across Canada.  Local dial-in access from six major cities is just 2.9 per minute
U.S. toll free access is just 3.9 per minute while callers anywhere in the world
can join your conference by calling into a regular U.S. toll number at 2.9 per
minute.  Service includes free Live Conference Viewer portal that enables
you to view the conference call in progress.

Premium "pay as you go" toll free conference call service designed for U.S.
businesses and  organizations that want 24/7 customer support and operator
assistance.  This high quality conference call plan offers just 3.9 per
minute per caller via toll free access on calls from the U.S.  No monthly fees
and no minimum usage requirements.  Free conference recordings and 

   Easy Meet Me for Microsoft® Lync
Designed for customers who have a Microsoft® Lync Online license. This
new service that allows users within a Lync environment (which is a component
of Office 365) to invite external participants to join their conference calls by
simply dialing a phone number and passcode - just like any other conferencing
service. The plan offers
4.9 per minute toll free access from Canada and
the U.S. as well as
4.9 per minute for international toll access. The plan also
offers ITFS and international toll access from 85 countries around the world. 

Unique and economical conference call plan that offers $0.00 per minute unlimited
conference calls with a monthly flat fee plan based on the number of participants. 
Conference call participants dial a regular U.S. toll number (as opposed to a "toll
free" number).  Unlimited conference calls from as low as $8.95 per month.  Service
includes free Live Conference Viewer that enables you to view the conference call in
progress via an online portal.


Customer Comment:

"We had been using one of the free conference call services for our prayer group meetings. After a few weeks, our dial-in numbers stopped working.  So glad
we found you."
Gerald A.
- Houston, TX
Flat Rate Unlimited Conference
Calls service

Customer Comment:
"We needed toll free access from Dubai
for our conference calls with clients in the UAE.  You guys delivered."
Ali W.  
San Jose, CA
Customer Comment:
"Having reservation-less toll free access
from Saudi Arabia has made our
conference scheduling much less tedious."
Peter A. - Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Customer Comment:
"I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit
just how much we were paying for reservation-less conference calls with
AT & T.  Suffice to say we're saved a lot
by switching over to you."
Jeremy B.
- New York, NY
Pay As You Go Conference Calls

Customer Comment:
"We could not find lower rates for toll
free access from Canada combined with
the extra features.  You wouldn't believe how much Telus and Bell Canada charge
for toll free conference calls.  We use the Live Conference Viewer for our larger calls.  Great feature."
Marie A.
- Toronto, Canada

Canada Toll Free Conference Calls service


Customer Comment:
"We recently included conference call participants  from Shanghai and Beijing in
China.  Our typical conference calls involve partners from our branch offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the U.K.,and our main office in the U.S.  ."
Kok-Lim C.
- Singapore
International Conference Calls service

Customer Comment:
"You've literally cut our conference call
bill in half.  Actually, you've done more
than that.  You've actually reduced our
conference call expenditures by 90%.
Simon W. - Paddington, NSW Australia
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