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SAVE on your conference calls from Canada via
toll free access at 2.9¢ per minute

Are you paying too much for toll free conference calls from Canada?  Do

you seek a high quality conference call solution  for your Canadian audience? 


The Canada Toll Free Conference Calls service provides superior conference calling rates for businesses and organizations that host conference calls for Canadian participants.  The service, also called 800 Meet Me Canada, also includes toll free access from the United States as well as eighteen other countries around the globe. 

The service is strictly "pay as you go," meaning that you are not required to sign a term contract.  You may use our service in conjunction with your existing conference call provider if you wish.  After awhile, however, we suspect that you will compare your billing statements and let our low rates do the talking by using this service on a permanent basis.

1.9¢ per minute local dial-in across Canada
In addition to our low toll free access rate from Canada, we also offer just 1.9¢ cents per minute on local access from local access dial-in numbers in Toronto (647), Montreal (438), Vancouver (778), Ottawa (343), Calgary (403), Alberta (587), and Halifax (902).

No reservations required; 24/7 access

Conduct your conference calls on your schedule - without making a reservation or using an operator.  All conference participants dial a toll free number in Canada, the U.S., or in any of the eighteen other countries from which we offer toll free access.  At the prompt, participants enter their pin code.  The service is easy to use and extremely cost-effective.   We promise that our low rates will help you save and put money back into your conference calls budget.  Our goal is to become your conference call provider of choice for audio conferencing from Canada and elsewhere around the globe. 

Whether you are located in Toronto, Montreal, VancouverOttawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, or anywhere else across Canada, we will help you save.    Our toll free access rates are a fraction of those charged by our competitors, which include Bell Canada, Telus, and others.  Give us a try, and discover for yourself.  We are confident that you will use our service, over and over again. 

Easy to use

1)  All conference call participants dial our toll free access number in Canada to enter the

     conference bridge;

2)  At the prompt, participants enter their PIN:

3)  All conferees are then connected together and the conference begins.

As the service is reservation-less, you can host conference calls whenever you desire, 24/7.  No reservations, scheduling, or operators are required.

No monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements

Our low rates are quoted in US $  and provide savings of up to 75% over our competitors.  There are no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements, and no set-up fees.  The service is  "pay as you go" - which means that charges are only incurred when the service is used.  

In today's leaner economic environment, 800 Meet Me Canada offers an extraordinary cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations that require toll free access from Canada.   The relative strength of the Canadian dollar versus the U.S. dollar makes the savings even more attractive.

How can your rates be so low?

Some industry experts compare the telecom conference calling market to the airline industry.  How so?  Budget airlines utilize the same aircraft, equipment, and technology as the largest airlines around the world.  Similarly, we utilize and deploy the very same technology as the world's largest conference call providers.  But we do it a fraction of the cost because we don't have the same advertising costs and overhead as the larger conference call providers.     


Superb network with superb quality
This service utilizes Multi-Link System 70 & 700, Octave 1000 digital bridges and ThinkEngine bridges co-located in five megacenters throughout the United States.   We currently have 27,000 ports of capacity with approximately 17,000 additional overflow ports. Local access is provided by Level 3 and each ILEC.  The network is on fiber from its locations directly to our carrier's POP's with full redundancy.

Our systems are totally redundant. We have four network carriers with multiple entry points into our building. We have total emergency back up systems with natural gas generators that can run seamlessly during any power outages.


Reservation-less calling

This service is on-demand conferencing service that allows you to access our conference bridge anytime.  You simply pick up the phone and dial your pre-assigned Canadian toll free number and conferencing codes. 

Free Conference Viewer
The service comes with a free web interface that enables you to monitor your conference calls live over the internet.  You have the ability to mute any line, secure or lock the conference to prevent new participants from joining after the call has started, view the list of participants, record the call, and delete any participant with just one click. 

Pay for only what consume  

With our service, you pay only  for the minutes that you actually consume in any given month.   If your conference call activity and attendance varies from month to month, it does not make sense to get charged for minutes that aren't used.  


With "bucket of minutes" or similar plans, you're getting charged for the plan's number of minutes whether you use them or not.  The "bucket of minutes" and similar block plans do not "roll over" unused minutes to the following month.  If you don't use 'em, you lose 'em.


Furthermore, some plans assess a higher per minute charge for any minutes consumed in excess of the monthly plan.   With our service you pay only for what you use - and no more.  There are no "excess" or "overrage" charges applied because all calls are billed at the same low rate of US 2.9¢ per minute for toll free acccess from the U.S. and 2.9¢ per minute for toll free access from Canada .  Companies and organizations are working harder than ever to identify cost-cutting strategies.  It doesn't make sense to waste your cents. 


Is there a penalty for canceling service?

You may cancel service at any time with no penalty.   Your account is "month to month," meaning that there is no long term commitment or contract.

Billing and Payment
Charges are made in US dollars and payment must be made in US dollars.  Your account can be set up for payment via major credit card or with payment via check on 30 day payment terms.   We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

What charges are incurred by conference
call participants?

The call is free to all of your conference call participants
who join the call via toll free access from either Canada
or the U.S. 

How are individual call costs calculated?

You simply multiply (a) the number of callers x (b) the
rate per minute x (c) the length of the conference
call.  A x B x C = total call cost.


Can U.S. callers join our conference?
Absolutely.  If you host conference calls that include U.S. attendees,
you are charged at our even lower rate of US 2.9¢ per minute per
line for US toll free access.  Furthermore, callers from Canada, the U.S.,
or anywhere else in the world who have access to cheap U.S. rates may
also call our US toll number for just 1.9¢ per minute.

Does the service offer toll free access
from other countries?

No.  The conference bridge that we utilize for this service is dedicated
to conference participants who dial into the bridge via Canada toll free
access, Canada local dial-in numbers, U.S toll free access, and U.S.
local number.

Can we still include conference participants
from a country where no toll free
access number is available?

Yes, absolutely.  Callers anywhere in the world may join

your conference by dialing a regular U.S. toll (i.e., non-toll free)

number.   These callers are responsible for their own international

long distance charges to dial into the conference bridge while your

account is billed just US 1.9¢ per minute (per line).


If you wish to assume the charge for an international participant

to join your conference call, you may invoke operator assistance

to "dial out" to that participant.  This "Dial Out" option, however,

does require that you contact Customer Service in advance of the

conference call (at least one hour ahead) to schedule the dial out.  


You will need to let our operator know:

(1) your conference moderator and participant passcodes

     (these are assigned upon account set-up);

(2) the date and time of your conference call;

(3) the name(s) of your international conference call  participant(s)

     and phone number(s). 


At the scheduled time, a conference operator will call your

participant(s) and enable them to join the conference call. 

International dial out rates vary by country, and can be found here


Please note that it is not necessary to contact Customer Service when

you have participants who will be joining your conference call from

any of the countries in which we offer toll free access numbers.  Nor

is it necessary to contact Customer Service if you have conferees who

will dial into the conference via our regular U.S. toll number.  It is only

necessary to contact Customer Service prior to your conference call

when you choose to have an operator "dial out" to an international


If your company or organization conducts international conference
calls on a regular basis and seeks a larger footprint in terms of
international toll free access as well as "dial out" without operator
assistance, we would recommend our Global Conference Calls
service (which offers toll free access from more than 105
countries around the world as well as "leader dial out" to any
country in the world).

Description of other features



Music on hold  - Attendees will listen to music until a

moderator joins the conference.  Once the moderator
joins the conference, the music will shut off and the
conference may begin.


Entry Tone - Entry tones let conference attendees

know when someone joins the conference.


Exit Tone – Exit tones let conference attendees know

when someone disconnects from the conference.


Auto Hangup – Auto Hangup will disconnect all

participants from a conference once the last moderator
in a conference hangs up their line.
  Use this feature to

ensure that all lines become immediately available for

subsequent conferences and to avoid excessive charges

to a moderator who is paying in full.


Security – Allows moderator to secure the conference. 

Security prevents the entry of additional participants once

the moderator locks the conference.  Security must be

requested at the time of account set-up so it can be

programmed for use.  The feature is activated by the

moderator by pressing *7 and deactivate it by pressing *7.  


Name Record/Playback – This feature allows each

participant to record their name before entering the

conference so that (by pressing *8) a roster of

participants that are currently in conference may be played

back.  This feature may also be used for entry and exit

announcements, instead of tones.


Billing Code Prompt – System will request the host of

the conference to enter a billing code, which will appear

on their invoice.  This feature assists in billing back clients.


Live Conference Viewer – We provide access to a
web portal that gives the host an online window to the call
providing call management tools such as the capability to

mute/un-mute individual lines or all participants at once,
start a recording, disconnect participants, view caller ID

of participants, sub-conference with participants from
conference, etc.




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