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How do reservation-less audio conference calls work?

The beauty of the reservation-less audio conference call is that it enables you to conduct your conference call without making a reservation or using an operator. Consequently, you are in charge of the conference schedule.

If your conference call participants are located outside of the U.S., we will provide the appropriate international toll free access number(s).

In addition, you'll receive your PIN's.

1. The moderator receives a unique PIN
2. The conferees receive a PIN
All parties dial-in to your assigned toll free number at the designated conference time you've announced to your participants.

Our automated system will answer and prompt parties to enter their PIN code, followed by the pound (#) sign.

What will we hear during the conference call?

During the course of the audio conference, you may hear beeps.

Entry/Exit Tones and Auto Hang up are standard features.  Other feature3s are available as well. 

A single beep indicates someone has joined the conference.

A double beep indicates someone has left the conference.
(this feature is "optional" and can be disabled)

Once the moderator disconnects from the audio conference, the entire call is

disconnected. (this is optional)



Additional Automated Commands Available Using Phone Keypad:

[*2] Initiates unattended conference record function
[*3] Initiates unattended conference playback function
[*4] Applies Gain (volume) to all lines in a conference
[*5] Applies Lecture – all conferees except moderators are muted
[*6] Mutes the conferees individual line
[*7] Secures the conference
[*8] Announces the number of parties in the conference

[#8] This prompt will playback a roster of all individuals who are in conference if name record/playback has been programmed.  



Conference Bridge enhances conversation

With a professionally set up audio conference call, each participants telephone line is routed through sophisticated equipment called a audio conferencing "bridge".   This bridging equipment receives and enhances each line, evening out the volume levels, and then sending the electronic voice signal back out to each listener.

This process enables each conference call participant to sound just like they would in a regular telephone conversation. The process enables hundreds of participants to be connected in a single audio conference call at the same time with uniform call quality and sound clarity.

In order to achieve this, the participants first need to dial into the bridge. We provide you with a special dial-in telephone number and PIN's. You distribute the dial-in number and PIN's to all intended participants.

At the pre-arranged date and time, all participants dial that phone number and are joined into the audio conference call.

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