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Unlimited Conference Calls

Flat Rate plan based on

number of participants


   $  8.95 / month



   $10.95 / month



   $12.95 / month



   $14.95 / month



   $16.95 / month



   $18.45 / month



   $19.95 / month



   $21.95 / month



   $23.95 / month



   $25.95 / month



   $27.95 / month



   $29.95 / month



   $31.95 / month



   $33.95 / month



   $35.95 / month



   $37.95 / month



   $39.95 / month



   $49.95 / month



   $59.95 / month



   $67.95 / month



   $84.95 / month



   $97.95 / month



   $144.95 / month



   $194.95 / month



   $224.95 / month



   $254.95 / month



   $279.95 / month



Easy to use
When your account is activated, you will receive two PIN codes.  One
pin code is for the moderator(s), and the other is for the conferees.
(1)  All conference call participants dial the access number to our
       conference bridge;
(2)  At the prompt, participants enter their PIN; 
(3)  All conferees are then connected together and the conference begins.

The service is reservation-less, which allows you to host conference calls
whenever you desire, 24/7.   No reservations, scheduling, or operators are

$0.00 per minute         
The unlimited flat rate conference call plan is incredibly popular for obvious
reasons: it allows you to host unlimited monthly conference calls for one flat
monthly fee.  There are no per minute charges.  
Host conference calls from service from
anywhere in the world
You can host unlimited monthly conference calls from anywhere in the
world.  In fact, overseas customers constitute an increasing percentage 
of our growing customer base. 

Many telecom providers in Canada, Europe, and South America now offer
unlimited calling plans to the U.S.  Customers in other parts of the
world have cheap VoIP connections to the U.S. through Skype and
similar services.  These circumstances make utilization of the service
extremely cost-effective. 

Reservation-less calling
With our flat rate conference plan, you get an on-demand conferencing
service you can use anytime by simply picking up the phone and dialing your
pre-assigned conferencing codes.  By customer request, we can provide a
free web interface that enables you to monitor your conference calls
live overthe internet.  You can mute any line, secure or lock the conference
to prevent new participants from joining after the call has started, view

the list of participants,
record the call, and delete any participant with just
one click. 
Flexible plans to meet any budget
Select the plan that mirrors your typical conference call attendance.   Our
plans are designed to meet any budget.  We are certain that we'll help
you begin saving immediately.   If you can't find a plan that fits your situation
anticipate needing a plan that accommodates 450+ conferees, contact
us and we'll construct a plan that works for you.
The service is unmetered, which means that you'll never have to worry
about per minute / per line rates no matter  how frequently you use the
conference call access number.   Once your account is activated, you may
begin using the service as often as needed with no need to worry about
how many minutes you're spending in any given conference. 

Low monthly fees
When your conference call participants dial in to the bridge access number,
they will be dialing into a "regular" U.S. telephone number as opposed to a toll free number.   As conferees are dialing a regular toll number, we don't have the cost burden associated with a toll free number and are therefore able to "pass on" savings to the consumer.
Furthermore, this service is pre-paid - which results in fewer account collections for our billing department.  These factors enable us to keep our margins low on this particular conference call service while delivering a quality cost-effective, quality solution to our customers. 
Superb network with superb quality
Our network is dedicated to heavy users that conference frequently, want to control their costs, and want customer service if/when required.  The network utilizes Spectel system 700, Octave 1000 digital bridges, and ThinkEngine conference bridges co-located in four  megacenters throughout the United States.  

We currently have 16,000 ports of capacity.  Our systems are anchored with battery back up and diesel generators to withstand any emergency.   Our network enables us to dynamically allocate traffic to different centers as required to alleviate any congestion. 

What charges are incurred by conference call participants?
All callers are responsible for their long distance charges for dialing the U.S. access number.  For many U.S. customers, however,this is almost a non-issue since so many cellular providers as well as residential/business offer unlimited calling plans within the U.S.  The same hold trues for many Canadian customers whose unlimited calling plans include long distance calls to the U.S.

Can I provide toll free access for callers outside the U.S.?  
No, if you wish to host a conference call that includes toll free access for callers outside the U.S. and Canada (and therefore, as the account holder, be responsible for assuming the costs of allowing conference call participants outside the U.S. to call toll free), we suggest that you consider our business quality international conference calls service. 

Flat Rate, Unlimited Conference Calls
Does your business or organization make conference calls on a
regular basis?  A
re you interested in hosting unlimited conference
calls at one low,flat,
monthly rate?  Are you seeking a conference
call service that is reliable and
fairly priced?  You've come to the right

Our unlimited conference calls service convenience of 24/7
conference calls with attractive flat rates that
are pre-paid on a monthly basis.  
There are no contracts
and no sign-up fees.  Your service is set up on a month-
basis at a flat monthly charged that is based on the size of the plan
you choose.  You may upgrade or downgrade your
plan at any given time.  

Whether you are located in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world,
our flat rate,
unlimited service will help you SAVE. GUARANTEED. 
Our flat rate plans offer savings up to 60% and higher when
compared to similar
plans offered by our competitors.
Our clientèle demands a service that has no advertisements.   They
demand a
conference call account that is private.   They expect high
quality, and they receive it. 
Our attractive, flat rate plans enable you
and your conference call attendees to talk
all you want - and not worry about per minute charges. 

Account Features 
  • Unlimited use of the bridge
  • Reservation-less service
  • Pre-paid monthly to major credit card
  • Hard copy 'paid' invoice sent by postal mail
  • Record conference call
  • Prompt to playback conference call
  • Apply Gain (volume) to all lines
  • Mute all participants except leader
  • Individual conferee mute
  • Secure conference - block entry
  • Prompt that tells leader how many are  on the call
  • Prompt that gives leader a private roll call roster
  • Record conference calls free
  • Moderator can mute all lines
  • Conferees can mute their own line
  • Optional 'name announce'
  • Optional entry/exit tones

Description of other features

Music on hold –
Attendees will listen to music until a moderator joins the conference.  Once the moderator joins the conference, the music will shut off and the conference may begin.

Entry Tone – Entry tones let conference attendees know when someone joins the conference.

Exit Tone – Exit tones let conference attendees know when someone disconnects from the conference.

Auto Hangup – Auto Hangup will disconnect all participants from a conference once the last moderator in a conference hangs up their line. 

Security – Allows moderator to secure the conference.  Security prevents the entry of additional participants once the moderator locks the conference.  Security must be requested at the time of account set-up so it can be programmed for use.  The feature is activated by the moderator by pressing *7 and deactivated by pressing *7.  

Name Record/Playback – This feature allows each participant to record their name before entering the conference so that (by pressing *8) a roster of participants that are currently in conference may be played back.  This feature may also be used for entry and exit announcements, instead of tones.

Billing Code Prompt – System will request the host of the conference to enter a billing code, which will appear on their invoice.  This feature assists in billing back clients.

Live Conference Viewer – We provide access to a web portal that gives the host an online window to the call providing call management tools such as the capability to mute/un-mute individual lines or all participants at once, start a recording, disconnect participants, view caller ID of participants, sub-conference with participants from conference, etc.

Billing and Payment

Applicable local, state, and federal taxes are assessed as required by law.  Because this service originates from the U.S., all customers - including overseas customers - are subject to the FCC-mandated Universal Services Fund surcharge.   Overseas customers are not subject to state and federal taxes.

All flat rate unlimited plans are pre-paid plans that are billed directly to your credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.   Accounts are pro-rated if signed up after the 15th of the month for 1/2 of the price.  An invoice marked 'paid' is sent to you monthly.

Is there a penalty for canceling service?
Service can be canceled at any time with no penalty.   Your account is "month to  month," meaning that there is no longer term commitment or contract.  If you wish to cancel the flat rate account for the next month, you must simply notify us, in writing, prior to the 25th of the month to avoid being automatically charged for the next month. 

How long does it take to establish service?
We will issue your moderator passcode and participants passcode after debiting your credit card for the first month's pre-paid charges (generally same business day). 

I'm ready to set up service.  What is the next step?

Click on the button below to go to our service, online sign up - and start saving today.

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Rates effective January 1, 2017.   Plans start at just $8.95 per month.  Flat rate unlimited conference call plans provide cost-efficient audio conferencing solutions for associate conference calls, collaboration conference calls, deposition conference calls, executive coaching conference calls, group conference calls, life coach conference calls, in-house conference calls, multi-level marketing conference calls, mlm conference call, mlm training, network marketing conference calls, religious worship services, and training conference calls.

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