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Make cheap international calls to any country  

The Flex Plan is an extraordinary and popular international calling plan that enables you to make cheap international calls from your landline, cell phone, or smart phone.  This unique prepaid calling plan offers free signup minutes and promotional rates for 30 days.


Dial around your current provider to get terrific rates  
The Flex Plan is a dial around long distance service.  What this means that you have to use an access number (either toll free or local access) to
“dial-around” your regular long distance provider or cellular provider to
accessour low rates.  The dial around feature enables you to access our service from any phone:  home, cell, work or even a payphone without the inconvenience of switching from your current provider or changing your current service.


Clean service with clean rates
The Flex Plan charges only the stated rate per minute for each call.  You
can monitor all calls in "real time" via online account management.  Unlike other companies that advertise misleading rates, our rates are clean and
inclusive of all fees.   What this means is that there are no additional charges
or hidden charges.   You will always know exactly how much you were charged
for each call and how your call charges were deducted from your available
account balance.   There is never a mystery as to how much you are spending.
The Flex Plan is a prepaid international
calling plan that offers the best
international  rates to all countries – not
just an isolated set of countries.            


When you subscribe to the Flex Plan, you
can be assured that you will enjoy
international rates that are among the
lowest in the industry.


View the Flex Plan's low rates

Immediate activation after account sign up
Your long distance account will be immediately activated upon authorization of your
credit card, at which time you may begin making international calls immediately after
you sign up.  The Flex Plan is a prepaid service.  You decide the denomination
that you would like to sign up for when setting up your account. Available
denominations are $10, $25, $50, and $100.


Monitor account balance and call details
Each time that you make a call, the system will announce your available account
balance as well as the available minutes to the destination you wish to call.   As you
make calls, your account balance is reduced by the cost of the call from the initial
amount you prepaid when signing up for service.  You can track your call detail (time
of call, duration, charge amount, origination number, and destination number) through
Customer Account Login.  When your account hits $3, our system will automatically
recharge your account to the initial sign up amount.  This feature may be changed
at any time through your Customer Account Login.



Use service to make cheap U.S. calls    
As one might imagine, many customers use the Flex Plan to get the best international
calling rates.   At the same time, more and more of our customers are using the service
to make cheap intrastate calls and cheap interstate calls from their fixed land line as an
alternative tousing their long distance company.    In fact, we find that a number of our
customers who use the service to make calls within the U.S. do not even have a long
distance plan with their local provider.   Rather,they use the
Flex Plan to "dial around"
their local provider’s exorbitant long distance rates.  


With promotional rates as low as 1˘ per minute  this service has become a real dollar stretcher. 
or more on both U.S. long distance as well as international phone calls with the Flex Plan.  After the
promotional period ends, you can make intrastate and interstate calls for just 1.5˘ per minute
using a local access number and 2.5˘ per minute via a toll free access number.
Click below to view outstanding the Flex Plan's outstanding international rates
Speed Dial Numbers
You have the ability to store up to 99 speed dial slots or numbers.  You simply assign 2
digit codes to the telephone numbers that you dial most frequently – either internationally
or domestic. After you dial into the system, enter one of your speed dial codes and the call
will be connected immediately.
Making successive calls

To place another call without hanging up, simply  dial # # (the pound key, two times).
To redial a number without hanging up, dial * # (star key followed by pound key). 

Change circuits on demand
Have you ever had difficulty in getting through to a particular destination?  The Flex Plan
offers a new feature that allows you to connect to international calls that may have been
difficult to reach with a standard prepaid phone card.

This new feature enables you to change the international circuit for any given call.  We
doubt that you will need to use this feature, but it provides a quick fix for difficult
destinations.  If for any reason your call does not go through on your first attempt – or if
you determine that you simply  want a better connection, press # # (pound key twice)
to terminate the call and then * # (star key, pound key) to automatically redial the same
destination number using a different circuit at no additional cost.

Cheap Calls, Quality Connections

The Flex Plan offers cheap calls and quality connections.   If you're looking to stretch your
dollar when making international calls, we suggest that you give our service a try.


View the Flex Plan's low rates



In addition to being a unique
international call plan, the service can also be utilized as a long distance
calling plan offering U.S. rates as low
as 1˘ per minute to U.S. and
You can make a cheap international
call or domestic call from your home phone, your cell phone, or a 
business phone line.
You are never required to enter a
PIN number if you make your call
from one of your registered phone lines.                                                               
Flex Plan Features
Helpful and friendly customer
Up to 1000 free minutes on
Make cheap international calls
    from your home telephone, your     
    mobile phone, or business line
Rates that start as low as 0.9˘
    per minute (less than a penny per
Begin use of the service
    immediately after signup
No signup fees, minimum usage
    requirements, monthly fees, or taxes
No need to switch from your provider
    because you "dial around" 
Reliable international call
Automatic recharge option
Monitor account details online 
No hidden fees whatsoever
More flexible than a prepaid
    calling card


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