Cheap International Calls to Belgium


Save on International Calls to Belgium

International calling has never been cheaper or easier.  Koala Calling is pleased to offer the FlexPlan, a terrific pre-paid plan which will drastically cut your international calling costs.  You simply dial a local access number and then, when prompted, dial your destination number or a Speed Dial slot to connect to your friend or family member in Brussels, Leuven, Antwerp, or anywhere else in Belgium. Unlike calling cards (which require you to enter a PIN number each time you make an international call to Belgium), our service will recognize your incoming calling number through Caller ID technology and automatically prompt you to enter your destination number.

          FREE minutes on sign up

          Pay only for the time you talk

          One minute billing, no contract, no hidden fees.

          Great call quality

          Reliable lines with clear voice quality.

          Any phone, any network

          Works with your current carrier.

          PIN-less dialing. Use it instantly.


No monthly fees, no hidden charges

The Flex Plan is the cleanest pre-paid product on the market with the lowest domestic and international rates available. There are absolutely no monthly fees.  There are no activation or connection fees.  We guarantee there are no hidden charges of any kind.


How to call Belgium

Using the service is simple.


(1)     Dial Access Number (Toll Free or Local Access)

(2)     Enter your destination number in Belgium (the country code for Belgium is 32)
         011 + 32 + number
(3)     Calls are routed over our network and the savings begin. 


Speed Dial Numbers

You have the ability to store up to 99 speed dial slots or numbers.  You simply assign 2 digit codes to the telephone numbers that you dial most frequently – either internationally or domestic. After you dial into the system, enter one of your speed dial codes and the call will be connected immediately.

Making successive calls

To place another call without hanging up, simply  dial # # (the pound key, two times).

To redial a number without hanging up, dial * # (star key followed by pound key). 

Change circuits on demand

Have you ever had difficulty in getting through to a particular destination?  The Flex Plan offers a new feature that allows you to connect to international calls that may have been difficult to reach with a standard prepaid phone card.


This new feature enables you to change the international circuit for any given call.  We doubt that you will need to use this feature, but it provides a quick fix for difficult destinations.  If for any reason your call does not go through on your first attempt – or if you determine that you simply  want a better connection, press # # (pound key twice) to terminate the call and then * # (star key, pound key) to automatically redial the same destination number using a different circuit at no additional cost.


Cheap Calls, Quality Connections

The Flex Plan offers cheap calls and quality connections.   If you're looking to stretch your dollar when making international calls to Belgium, we suggest that you give our service a try.  We're certain that you will not be disappointed. 

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