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Make international calls via local access numbers

If you make international calls on a regular basis, Global Call Connect offers a new pre-paid plan with low international calling rates and superb connections.   This international call service is easy to use and allows you to by-pass your current long distance or cellular provider.  There are no contracts, no monthly minimum usage requirements, no signup fees, and no term commitment.


The service enables you to make cheap international calls by dialing a local access number in your country.   Our system will recognize your phone number through Caller ID technology (ANI recognition) and give you immediate access to our network for your international calls.   You are then prompted to enter your destination number.  


Global Call Connect offers several local access numbers in U.S. cities as well as access numbers in major cities across the world.  The service provides quality international calling with extremely attractive international long distance rates.


How to make a call from the U.S. or any other country

Shortly after completing your online signup, you will receive an E-mail with your account activation details.   

     (1)   Dial either our US toll free access number or the local access numbers in your area (or country).

     (2)   At the prompt, enter your destination number by dialing 011 + country code + the number.  For calls to the U.S.,
            Canada, and Caribbean, simply enter 1 + area code + number.



Call from your any phone, any network

The service can be used from a home phone, your office - even a phone in a hotel room.  The service offers the lowest international call rates to over 240 countries and provides superb line quality. There are no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements, no signup fees, and no monthly maintenance fees.  In short, there are no hidden fees of any kind.


Any actual account usage is billed to your major credit card at the end of the month.   No prepayment required.    The service requires no special equipment other than your existing cell phone or home or office phone to use this service.   It is not necessary to change your existing long distance or cell phone service.


If you are tired of paying the ridiculously high rates charged by your cell phone service provider or your local or long distance company when placing an international call, you can now have a solution that enables you to by-pass their rates altogether.

Begin saving today!






Ideal service for cellular users

Global Call Connect is an ideal service for cellular users who make international calls on a regular basis.  Our international rates will a mere fraction of what your cellular provider charges for calling this same destination.  In fact, it won’t even be close.  Our rates will be dramatically lower.


We find that many cellular users have a generous allotment of monthly minutes with their cellular provider.  That being the case, customers simply store the access number in their cellular phone’s memory so that they have access to our system at the touch of a button.


No monthly fees, no hidden charges

There are no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements, no signup fees, and no monthly maintenance fees.   We guarantee there are no hidden charges of any kind.


Convenient billing to major credit card

Payment for service can be made by American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, or VISA.  Each month, around the 3rd of the month, your credit card is debited for your usage in the previous calendar month.  You are sent an invoice via E-mail each month that shows your complete call detail.  You also to call call details via online account management.

Calling from non-registered phones

Using the service from one of your registered phones does not require entering a PIN number. As a convenience to all customers, however, we assign a 10-digit PIN to allow account holders that allows you to use Global Call Connect from phones other than your registered numbers (for instance, a hotel phone, or a phone at a friend's home).  It’s simple.


(1)     Dial the access number (local access or toll free)

(2)     Dial ten digit PIN

(3)     Dial the phone number you wish to call



Begin saving today!



Speed Dial Numbers

You have the ability to store up to 99 speed dial slots or numbers.  You simply assign 2 digit codes to the telephone numbers that you dial most frequently – international or domestic numbers. After you dial into the system, enter one of your speed dial codes and the call will be connected immediately.



Making successive calls

To place another call without hanging up, simply  dial # # # (the pound key, three times).

To redial a number without hanging up, dial # # # (pound key three times) followed by  * # (star key followed by pound key). 




Global Call Connect Features

    Excellent customer service from highly trained

           and qualified support staff
    Dial directly from your mobile phone or fixed land
           line in almost 50 countries to anywhere in the world

    Store our US toll free number or other access

           number in your phone's memory so that you have

           access to our system at the touch of a button
    US callers can use toll free access number or local
           access numbers
    You receive a 10-digit PIN number that allows you

           to use Virtual Calling Card service   

    No signup fees, connection fees, minimum usage requirements, monthly fees, or


    No need to switch from your provider because you "dial around"

    Cheap international rates + high quality connections

    Easy payment options include payment via major credit card on a monthly basis  

    Monitor account details online

    Receive monthly statement via E-mail with all call details

    Access from more than 100 cities worldwide

Access from more than 100 cities
worldwide including:



ARGENTINA Buenos Aires Access

ARGENTINA Cordoba Access

AUSTRALIA Sydney Access



BELGIUM Brussels Access

BRAZIL Rio Access

BRAZIL Sao Paulo Access

BULGARIA Sofia Access

CANADA Toronto Access

CROATIA Zagreb Access

CYPRUS Nicosia Access


DENMARK Copenhagen Access



FINLAND Helsinki Access

FRANCE Paris Access

GERMANY Berlin Access

GREECE Athens Access

HUNGARY Budapest Access

IRELAND Dublin Access

ISRAEL Tel Aviv Access

ITALY Rome Access

JAPAN Tokyo Access


LITHUANIA Vilnus Access



NETHERLANDS Amsterdam Access

NEW ZEALAND Auckland Access

NORWAY Oslo Access

PAKISTAN Karachi Access


PERU Lima Access

POLAND Warsaw Access

PORTUGAL Lisbon Access

ROMANIA Bucharest Access


SLOVAKIA Bratislava Access

SOUTH AFRICA Johannesburg Access

SPAIN Madrid Access

SWEDEN Norrkoping Access


TURKEY Istanbul Access

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