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Access international conference calls from China mobile phones using a China 400 toll free access number
Up until very recently,  international conference call hosts or international conference call participants located in China have been restricted from using a China mobile phone to access an international conference call from China.   China mobile phone access to China toll free numbers has been blocked by the China PTT (Postal and Telecom authority). The solution is to use a China 400 Toll Free access number. 

CHINA 0800 Toll Free  - US $0.259 per minute
CHINA 0400 Mobile Dial-In
- US $0.259 per minute

China mobile 400 toll free number serves all of China
China 400 international toll free numbers serve the entire country, both North and South China, through a single toll free number.  Furthermore, the service provides access to both fixed and mobile users across all 31 of the Chinese provinces.  Our China 400 toll free rate of US $ 0.269 per minute (which includes no conference bridge fee) is one of the lowest rates we’ve been able to find among our competitors on the internet.

China mobile 400 toll free number accessible from landlines and mobile phones

Using a China 400 toll free dial-in number eliminates the worry or concern about whether your conference call participants have access to a landline or a mobile phone.   400 numbers are accessible from any telephone, fixed line or mobile, thus enjoying significantly more acceptance from users and is more economically more viable than 800 service. The China mobile 400 toll free number offers direct calling capabilities for calls originating within all 31 provinces of mainland China and terminating at a customer site outside mainland China.   The calling party can be a subscriber of China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Netcom, or China Railcom.  Calls can originate from mobile phones, fixed line telephones and other phone devices. Subscribers of foreign carriers who are roaming in mainland China can also dial the 400 numbers.

While many international conference call providers, including Koala Calling, offer China toll free 800 numbers for China based participants to access an international conference call, not many providers offer the China Mobile 400 toll free access number.   As mentioned earlier, we are one of the few providers to offer this option, and we are doing so at rates well below our competition.  In a nutshell, China 400 toll free access has the ability to dramatically increase your China conference call participation.

International Conference Call China: Finally … a Solution
The fact that so many prospective conference call participants in China have up until just recently been unable to connect to the conference call bridge via a regular 800 toll free number from their mobile phone has prevented far too many from participating in international conference calls from China.  Given the overwhelming numbers of Chinese business people and others who use mobile phones throughout China on a regular basis, this  restriction has been a huge obstacle for many prospective China conference call attendees.   Gaining access to an available landline for a number of Chinese conference call participants can be rather cumbersome for far too many people, especially if that available landline is located miles away.

While our China 800 toll free number has enabled clients to host or join an international conference call via the China toll free number, only participants in China that used fixed landlines could attend the conference call because mobile phones are blocked from access.  Why have China 800 numbers been blocked from mobile phones?  The billing problems between different carriers in China made it impossible for users to dial 800 phone number from a mobile phone.  Hence China 400 toll free numbers have emerged, allowing the caller in China to pay only for a local fee or air time. China Telecom launched the beginning of the 4008 numbers, and China Netcom launched the beginning of 4006 numbers.

Fortunately, the China 400 toll free dial-in number has arrived - and works like a charm. It has eliminated the barriers that had up until only recently blocked China mobile phone users from participating in toll free international conference calls. Like an 800 number, the China 400 number is toll free to the participant.  There is no IDD charge for callers, while only local air time will be applied for callers using mobile. The China 400 toll free number can be accessed throughout China on any phone - landline or mobile - and from all 31 provinces.

How China 400 Toll Free Number Works
A China 400 Toll Free access number is a ten digit number that could look like this: 4006-700555.  The 4006 prefix is often referred to as "4006" phone service but is more typically abbreviated further as China 400. The number enables your China conference call participants to access the China 400 toll free access number from where they happen to be located –by a regular fixed landline or a mobile phone.  .

The good news is that the availability of the China 400 toll free number is now making it possible for international businesses and organizations in China and around the world to develop a much broader footprint for international conference calls with Chinese participants.  Offering a China 400 toll free number to callers in China will dramatically improve your conference call participation, furthering advancing the goals and communicative process of your organization.  Conference call participants in China, irrespective of whether they call from a fixed land line or a mobile phone, can join your international conference call by calling the China 400 toll free number.

Highly Competitive International Dial Out rates
In addition to offering international toll free access and international toll access from 105 countries around the globe, we also offer ultra-competitive
Dial Out rates that enable the conference moderator to manually dial out from their phone to participants anywhere around the world.  This feature is especially useful as a method to include conference call participants in those countries from which we do not offer international toll free access (ITFS) dial-in or international toll access dial-in numbers.  Conference call participants who join the conference call via the Microsoft Add-In link or from one of the Connect Solutions mobile app's are billed to your account at these very attractive dial out rates.

The Dial Out rates are in many cases are less expensive than the country's corresponding International Toll Free Access (ITFS) rate.  Using the dial out feature is, indeed, a highly cost-effective tool for including participants in countries from which ITFS is not offered.

           CHINA Dial Out rate - US 8.9˘ per minute

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Features and Functionality
  Access available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with no reservations

  Dial-out directly to participants at ultra-competitive Dial Out rates
  Mute/unmute all conference call participants
  Close your conference to new attendees with a keypad entry
  Self-service Online Meeting Management Center
  Large selection of international toll free access numbers as well
      as international toll dial-in numbers (105 countries)
  Track your company conference calls by department or individual user
  Reliable, secure voice platforms
  On-demand capacity of up to 500 users
Unlimited meeting duration during conference calls
  Live, conference call service operators available 24/7 during your audio
  A post conference summary can be e-mailed to you after each
      conference call
  Increased security features
  Record participants' names for roll call/name announce
  Optional billing codes and departments clearly displayed on your invoice

There are never any hidden charges or minimum requirements. You simply pay for what you use.


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Host or join an international conference call from China
via a mobile phone with ease.  Koala Calling's China 400
toll free access number is a simple and cost-effective
solution.  Compare our rates.

Our China Toll Free Access number covers the entire
country of China from mobile mobiles and landlines across
all 31 provinces.

      International Toll Free Access
         Rates per minute (in US $)
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     Canada  4.9˘ 
     Cayman Islands 43.9˘ 
     Chile 31.9˘ 
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     Egypt 44.9˘ 
     El Salvador 18.9˘ 
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     Finland 20.9˘ 
     Finland MOBILE
     France 10.9˘ 
     Germany 11.9˘ 
     Greece 11.9˘ 
     Hong Kong 15.9˘ 
     Hungary 26.9˘ 
     Iceland 17.9˘ 
     India 25.9˘ 
     Indonesia 36.9˘ 
     Ireland 17.9˘ 
     Israel 20.9˘ 
     Italy 11.9˘ 
     Jamaica 74.9˘ 
     Japan 24.9˘ 
     Latvia 44.9˘ 
     Lithuania 35.9˘ 
     Luxembourg 14.9˘ 
     Macau 39.9˘ 
     Malaysia 12.5˘ 
     Malta 44.9˘ 
     Mexico 19.9˘ 
     Monaco 14.9˘ 
     Netherlands 12.9˘ 
     New Zealand 14.9˘ 
     Nicaragua 65.9˘ 
     Norway  11.9˘ 
     Oman 88.9˘ 
     Panama 36.9˘ 
     Peru 14.9˘ 
     Philippines 30.9˘ 
     Poland 26.9˘ 
     Portugal 14.9˘ 
     Portugal MOBILE
     Qatar 71.9˘ 
     Romania 29.9˘ 
     Russia 26.9˘ 
     Saudi Arabia 70.9˘ 
     Singapore 10.9˘ 
     Slovenia 36.9˘ 
     South Africa 25.9˘ 
     South Korea  13.9˘ 
     Spain 10.9˘ 
     Sri Lanka 74.9˘ 
     St. Kitts/Nevis 48.9˘ 
     Sweden  13.9˘ 
     Switzerland 16.9˘ 
     Taiwan  21.9˘ 
     Thailand 32.9˘ 
     Trinidad 62.9˘ 
     Turks & Caicos 69.9˘ 
     Turkey  40.9˘ 
     Ukraine 36.9˘ 
     UAE 40.9˘ 
     United Kingdom  6.9˘ 
     United States  4.9˘ 
     Uzbekistan 55.9˘  
     Venezuela 39.9˘ 
     Vietnam 50.9˘ 

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