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Host a Global Conference Call from Ukraine
If you need to host an international conference call from Ukraine – or include participants from Ukraine for your next international conference call – you have come to the right place. Making an international conference call that includes participants in Ukraine has never been easier. Our global conference call service allows conference call participants in Ukraine to dial an international toll free service (ITFS) number.

Furthermore, our service is reservation-less. What this means is that you have toll free access to a conference bridge 24/7 with no need to schedule in advance. No need to contact an operator. Our U.S. based operators will provide 24/7 assistance as needed. We guarantee high quality connections.

UKRAINE Toll Free rate - US $0.369 per minute

International Free Access and International Toll Access
from 105 countries around the globe

While providing highly competitive international toll free dial-in access for Ukraine, our extensive global footprint with international toll free access (ITFS) and international toll access from 105 countries around the world. To view international toll free access rates for all countries, click here.

Highly Competitive International Dial Out rates
In addition to offering international toll free access and international toll access from 105 countries around the globe, we also offer ultra-competitive
Dial Out rates. that enable the conference participant to manually dial out" from their phone to participants anywhere around the world. This feature is especially useful to include conference call participants in those countries from which we do not have international toll free access (ITFS) dial-in or international toll access dial-in. The Dial Out rates are in many cases are less expensive than the country's corresponding International Toll Free Access (ITFS) rate. Using the dial out feature is, indeed, a highly cost-effective tool for including participants in countries from which ITFS is not offered.  To view dial out rates for all countries, click competitive here.

UKRAINE Dial Out rate - US $0.249 per minute

No Monthly Fees and No Term Commitment
There are no monthly fees, no sign-up fees, and no term commitment. Your account is charged on a monthly basis for usage charges in the previous calendar month – only when the account has been actually used. Payment can be made conveniently to MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. Customers also have the option of receiving an invoice and making payment by check or bankwire.


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International Conference Call from Ukraine

Ukraine Global Conference Calls

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