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International calling plans designed to meet your needs
Whether you make numerous international calls or the occasional international
call, we are confident that we can offer a plan that will meet your needs.   We
offer low rates and superb quality for businesses and organizations that
communicate internationally with their partners and place international calls
on a regular basis.  

At the same time, w
e deliver exceptional savings for residential customers
who make the occasional international call to a friend or relative abroad.  
We offer superb cost savings for business travelers and other globe trotters
who require toll free access from different parts of the world.   
Our services provide exceptional value for those who wish to by-pass the
international long distance rates of their mobile provider.  Whether you are
located in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, it is likely that we can
help you save dramatically on your international calls.


Pre-paid service for U.S. and Canada based customers that offers superb
savings and high quality to destinations all around the globe.  Purchase
pre-paid amounts in $10, $25, $50, or $100 denominations.  Convenient
mobile applications for Blackberry, iPhone, and other smartphones.  Earn
free minutes on signup and discounted rates for a 30-day promotional
period.  Outstanding international rates.

Pre-paid service than can be used from local access numbers across the
U.S.  as well as from major cities around the world.  Offers deeply discounted
rates to all countries around the globe.  Purchase pre-paid amounts in $10,
$20, $50, or $100 denominations ($20, $50, and $100 offer bonus credits).
Very high quality connections and superior customer service.  No sign up fees,
no monthly fees, and no minimum usage requirements.  Works from regular
fixed land lines and mobile phones.  Very popular service. 
Deeply discounted rates from any country to any other country. 
Very reliable with excellent connections.  Enables you to by-pass
the telecom
provider in your country.   Excellent solution for making
international calls in countries where VoIP services are blocked or where
the primary telecom provider is a monopoly that charges outrageously high
   Virtual Calling Card
Allows international business travelers and other globe trotters 
to make international calls from several countries around the world 
using toll free and local access numbers.  


Customer comment:
Mate, we love the 4.9¢  per minute 
rate to Australia mobile.  Makes it really easy to keep in touch with friends in Oz."
 Keith U. - Los Angeles, CA
FlexPlan service

Customer comment:
"Very difficult to use Skype from Myanmar.  I don't know what we'd do without you, besides pay $5 per minute to call the U.S.!  Thanks for making life a bit easier."
Adrienne L. - Yangon, Myanmar
International Callback service

Customer comment:
"Our plan with TelMex gives us 100 free local calls per month.  We dial the Mexico city local access number and then enter the destination number in the U.K.  We have passed on your details to friends who call Australia on a regular basis.
Simon A. - Mexico City, Mexico
GlobalCallConnect service

Customer comment:
"First started using your services back when I was an international student at Stanford. Doing a good bit international travel theses days.  Great to be working with you again!"
Kelvin C. - Malaysia
Virtual Calling Card service

Customer comment:
"We have enjoyed crystal clear connections to India via the Sydney access number."
Areesh P. - Mosman, NSW Australia
GlobalCallConnect service
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