US Toll Free Conference Calls | 2.9¢ per minute



 2.9¢ toll free across the U.S.
  3.9¢  toll free from Canada

"Pay as you Go" toll free conference

calls | 2.9¢ per minute

Conference calling is essential for businesses to communicate
with remote employees, customers, prospects and business partners.
Our "Pay as you Go" toll free conference call plan offers the ideal
solution for day-to-day group communications by delivering automated,
easy to use, reliable. and cost-effective conferencing services.
Our pay as you go service is the ultimate conferencing solution

for businesses and organizations in the U.S. and Canada that require

high quality, economical pricing, and enhanced features.  There are

no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements, and no sign-up

fees.  As a "pay as you go" service, you are charged only for what you

use, when you use it.

Cost Efficient, Flexible and Reliable
With 99.9% published up time, this our on demand audio conferencing
service is the most cost effective way to conduct remote meetings,
engage with customers, and get your business handled.  The service is 
completely automated, enabling you to quickly and easily communicate
with up to 500 participants on a single conference at any time.  Simply
dial your toll-free number and enter your unique conference ID and PIN
to instantly begin a conference without a reservation or operator
On-Demand, Reservation-less calling
The service is "pay as you go," allowing you to use the service at any
time, 24/7, by just
picking up the phone and dialing your toll free number
and conferencing codes.  The moderator can take complete control of the 
conference, including stop and start recording, adding sub-conferences for
private discussions, and secure or lock the conference with a special
security code.  This feature allows you to know who is on the line or
block unauthorized individuals from joining the call.

Easy to use

1)  All conference call participants dial our toll free access number to
     enter the conference bridge

2)  At the prompt, participants enter their PIN

3)  All conferees are then connected together and the conference begins

No reservations, scheduling, or operators are EVER required.  Conduct
your calls on your schedule - at a moment's notice if necessary.


Toll free access from Canada

If you host conference calls that include attendees from Canada, they
can use a toll free access number from Canada at just 3.9¢ per minute.

Nationwide Local Number Dial-in available
Reduce the cost of your conference calls even further by taking advantage
of our wide variety of local dial-in numbers across the country.  Callers
who dial in via one of the local numbers are charged at 1.9¢ per minute
compared to the normal US toll free access rate of 2.9¢ per minute.
Why set up toll free conferencing as opposed
other options?
The "Pay as You Go" service enables your company or organization to
absorb the conference
calling costs for all conference call participants.  
Not all prospective conference call participants will have cheap rates to
a regular U.S. toll number.  Providing toll free access ensures the 
broadest possible conference call participation.


If your conference call participants are able to call a regular U.S. toll
number at cheap rates, or if you simply prefer instead that your conferees
be responsible for the cost of the call, we do offer an extremely attractive
flat rate unlimited conference calls service. 

What charges are incurred by conference
call participants?
The call is free to all conference call participants who joining the call via
toll free access or a local dial in number.

Is there a penalty for cancelling service?

Service can be cancelled at any time with no penalty.   Your account is
"month to month," meaning that there is no longer term commitment
or contract. 

Billing and Payment

Applicable local, state, and federal taxes are assessed as required by
law.  Payment is made via major credit card.  We accept Visa,
MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 


Each month you receive an invoice via E-mail that gives an itemized
listing of your conference call activity, including date/time of call, number 
of participants, and the length of the call.  You also have the ability to
retrieve this very same information throughout the course of the month
through online account management.


Account Features 

  FREE live conference call manager via an
      internet portal  
  FREE recording and MP3 downloads

  Up to 500 attendees on your call

  On Demand, Reservation-less service

  Convenient nationwide, local dial-in

      numbers available 

  Payment to major credit card

  [*0 ]  Summons operator assistance

  [*2 ]  Starts recording conference call

  [*4 ]  Locks conference

  [*5 ]  Unlocks conference

  [*6 ]  Individual conferee mute

  [*7 ]  Secures conference - blocks entry

  [*# ] Tells the leader how many are on the
      conference call

Description of other features


Music on hold - Attendees will listen to music until a moderator joins
the conference.  Once the moderator joins the conference, the
music will shut off and the conference may begin.


Entry tone - Entry tones let conference attendees know when
someone joins the conference.

Exit Tone - Exit tones let conference attendees know when someone
disconnects from the conference.

24/7 Operator Assistance - Simply press *0 to invoke operator
.  An operator will soon join your call to assist as required.


Call Security - Increase call security by asking for a security code,
hearing who is on the line, locking the call, or disconnecting everyone
when the call is finished.
Record and Download calls - Selecting *2 will begin the call recording
You will hear the enunciator confirm that your call is being
recorded.  After the call is complete, you will receive a Recorded Playback
E-mail with instructions on how to listen to the recording. Simple phone
commands allow the listener to pause the playback, rewind, fast forward
and increase the volume.

Manage call online - Free call manager provides online window to
view the conference call in progress.  You can easily take control of your
conference by managing the conference call online. 
Manage Billing Codes – Add billing codes to the invoice or portal
reports.  Moderators can enter a billing code after the conference
ID or add or change billing codes in their customer portal.


Nationwide local dial-in – Reduce the cost of your conference call
by providing a local dial-in number.  International toll free dial in from 65
countries around the globe can be made available to conferees who may
be travelling.


Can we include conference participants from 
outside the United States?
Yes, absolutely.  Callers anywhere in the world may join your
conference by dialing a regular U.S. toll (i.e., non-toll free)
number.   These callers are responsible for their own
international long distance charges to dial into the conference
bridge while your account is billed just US 2.9¢ per minute
(per line).
If your company or organization conducts international conference
calls on a regular basis and seeks a broader footprint in terms of
international toll free access as well as "dial out" without operator
assistance, we would recommend our
service (which offers toll free access from more than 90
countries around the world as well as "leader dial out" to
conference participants located anywhere in the world. 
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