Set up a Conference Call between the U.S. and Slovakia



How to set up a conference 

call between

the U.S. and Slovakia

Setting up a conference call with participants from the U.S. and Slovakia is easy.   No special equipment is needed.
Leader Instructions 
1.    Dial the appropriate Access Number associated with the country from which you are calling. The U.S. toll free access number is 800-220-xxxx and the Slovakia toll free access number is 080000xxxx (actual numbers are revealed when your account has been provisioned). 
2.    When prompted enter your Leader passcode followed by the # key. 

Participant Instructions 
1.    Dial the appropriate Access Number provided by the Leader. 
2.    When prompted enter your Participant passcode followed by the # key. 
3.    When all parties are connected, your conference call begins! 

Now, while setting up an international conference call between the United States and Slovakia is easy, its nonetheless very important to find the right conference call provider for your business. Its critical to find a conference call provider that is dedicated to quality, clear audio connections, and customer service. 

U.S. Toll Free - US $0.025  per minute
Slovakia Toll Free - US $0.12 per minute

If you insist on high quality connections, we invite you to join the rest
of our loyal customers who depend on us to deliver the conference call experience they demand. Our clients experience great rates, 
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There are no monthly fees, no sign-up fees, and no minimum usage requirements. There is no contract to sign. You receive an invoice only in those months during which the service is actually used. 

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 How to Set up Conference Call between the U.S. and Slovakia
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