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Virtual Calling Card
Are you traveller or frequent caller who seeks simple and easy access to international calling with low rates and high quality connections while on the
road?  You've come to the right place.  Our virtual calling card  enables you
to place international calls through local access numbers (toll free and non-
toll free) in over 50 countries.  This convenient service gives you the ability
to make a direct international call at highly discounted rates.

How Virtual Calling Card works

Our Virtual Calling Card service allows you to make international calls by

providing you access to our network through many Toll Free and non-Toll Free access numbers around the world. To place international phone calls:

  Dial the access number corresponding to the country from

       which you are calling

  Enter your 10 Digit PIN number 

  Dial your destination number anywhere in the world


Features and Advantages

  Make international calls through local access numbers (toll free and non-toll free) in over 30 countries; make a direct international call at highly discounted rates.

  Benefit from low rates while enjoying high quality connections.

  Store up to 99 frequently called numbers in Speed Dial feature.

  No monthly fees, connection fees, or charges for incomplete or busy calls.

  Receive monthly statements by E-mail with call details at no additional charge.

  Caring and attentive customer service that values your business.

  No fees, contracts, hidden charges, and no commitment. Pay only for your calls and nothing more.

  The highest quality international calling card at the best price compared to any phone calling card.

  Enjoy all the features of a traditional prepaid calling card and still have the ability to pay later for usage. You never have to go out and buy another prepaid phone card.

  Better and more flexible that the traditional long distance calling card because you can call anywhere in the world - from several locations around the world.

Virtual Calling Card FAQ's

What is Virtual Calling Card (VCC)?
When signing up for the Virtual Calling Card service you receive a PIN number that gives you access to our network from over 30 countries around the world for international calling at low rates.

How does Virtual Calling Card work?

Upon signing up, you will be given a list of toll free numbers in the countries where the service is available. To use the service, you will dial the toll free number corresponding to the country you are calling from, and then you will be prompted to enter your 10-digit PIN, assigned to you upon sign up.

What is the difference between Virtual Calling Card and the International Callback services?

Virtual Calling Card is convenient for travelers because you do not need to pre-register your phone number, as for the Callback service you do need to pre-register a phone number.

Are there any minimum usage requirements?
There are no minimum usage requirements for this service.

What are the worldwide rates for this service?

Please check the ViewAvailability link directly below.  Select the country you will be calling from and the country(s) to which you intend to place calls.

How long does it take to open my new account?

We are generally able to setup up your account the very same business day that you submit your request for service.  If we need to verify your billing address, it can take up to 2 business days.
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