Koala Calling Conference Call Plans

KoalaCalling.com offers three (3) highly reliable audio conference call plans for customers who seek the convenience of audio conferencing. Customers who conduct international conference calls can select the plan that best meets their needs regarding pricing for International Toll Free Service (ITFS).

Click on the links for service descriptions below to learn more about which plan might best meet your audio conferencing needs.


U.S. and Canada Toll Free Conference Calls
2.9¢ per minute toll free conference call access across the U.S. and Canada. Local dial-in from major cities across the U.S. and Canada is just 1.9¢ per minute. Highly recommended for customers whose conference call participants are limited to U.S. and/or Canada audience only.


International Conference Calls
Enhanced platform now offering toll free access from 100+ countries around the world. International "dial out" anywhere in the world. Crystal clear connections. 24/7 operator assistance. Free conference recordings.


Global Conference Calls
International toll free access from more than 65 countries around
the world. Excellent connections and 24/7 operator assistance. Rapidly expanding international access dial-in locations with highly competitive rates.

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Koala Calling Conference Call Plans