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Free MP3 Files of your Conference Calls

Record your conference calls for free and have a copy of your conferences for later review or to provider to invitees unable to attend the live event. Recordings are converted at your call’s conclusion into MP3 file format for clear audio quality and flexible playback options.   Have a conference attendee who may not be able to attend due to the time difference of where he/she is located?  No problem.  They can listen to the MP3 file when they wake up the next morning.

Save and store all your conference call recordings on your PC.  Recordings will play in any popular desktop audio players.

Why Record a Conference Call?

We find that customers choose to record their conference calls for a variety of reasons. The most common examples of recording conference calls include:

  • Archiving a conference call for later reference
  • Candidate interviews for employment opportunities
  • Client Conference Calls
  • Corporate board meetings and earnings report
  • Legal depositions
  • Media interviews
  • Sales presentations
  • Staff meeting conference call
  • Stockholder meetings
  • Teleseminars
  • Team Conference Calls
  • Transcription audio file
  • Verbal agreements

Create a Conference Call Recording MP3 for parties
who are unable to attend

One of the biggest advantages of having the ability to record your conference call is that it provides the opportunity for unavailable participants to listen at a later time. This feature provides free archiving of your conference call meetings. The conference call recording can be made accessible to anyone who may have missed the call at the scheduled time.

Record Conference Calls on Command

Recording is simple. Enter the star key followed by the two key [ * 2 ]. Your conference call recording is the saved as an MP3 file on the conference call bridge. After the conference call has ended, you will receive an automated E-mail that includes a link to the MP3 file. The MP3 link is included in an Attendance Report for that conference call.

When the conference call has been recorded, you can use the MP3 file in a number of ways. For example, you can:

  • Create podcasts
  • Enable public access from your website
  • Post to your web site
  • Send to others as E-mail attachment

How can I start taking advantage of the free MP3
recordings today?

Simply sign up for service.  Free MP3 recordings are a free feature of both the International Conference Calls and Pay as You Go conference calls service.  After your account is activated, complete user instructions will be sent to you.

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International Conference Calls | Free MP3 Recordings