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Host a Global Video Meeting is pleased to offer the inVC international video conferencing service.  inVC is a feature-packed cloud based SaaS video meeting platform that will help you make the most of your video conferencing and collaboration experience. You can  host or join a secure meeting with flawless HD video, audio, screen sharing, and instant message.

The service allows you to send your clients and conference participants a customized link to join the conference. Conference participants are not required to install an app or sign up in order to join your video meeting. The conferencing system is purpose-built for the meeting and designed for capturing high-quality video feeds.


Seamless HD video meeting experience


  • Rock Solid Reliability
    inVC delivers best possible video quality in every given situation. Maximum uptime is ensured as is reliability to maximize your productivity.
  • Enterprise Grade Security
    Conduct your business meetings with utmost security and transparency. inVC ensures high level of privacy thanks to implementation of high grade security systems.
  • Cost-effective
    inVC is a high value, low-cost HD video meeting platform. You can expect to save considerably on your existing billings.
  • Record and Save
    The service provides conference recording and anytime access for your recorded conferences. Easily save all the recorded information over the video conference recordings. Search or share whenever necessary while capturing and securing them on high resolution.
  • Seamless Design for HD Meeting Experiences
    inVC delivers a seamless, cloud based meeting experience with HD Video and Audio quality for deeper virtual collaboration and a stronger communication culture within your organization and with the outside world.
  • Supports Legacy Endpoints
    Connect your SIP and H323 video conferencing systems to the cloud and have superior quality video meetings with anyone in the world. Leverage your existing SIP / H.323 video infrastructure to connect with external video systems and remote users.
  • Video Meeting with Anyone - From Anywhere
    Conduct in-person video meetings with your team for enhanced virtual collaboration with anyone and from anywhere across the globe.
  • Works on any Mobiles Devices, Laptops, Tablets, & More
    Conduct HD video meetings on any particular device and still enjoy an impeccable meeting experience. Access robust International Video Conferencing with automatic cloud updates.


Standard Plan (great for Small to Mid-size Enterprises)   
$2 per User / per Month billed Annually

4k Ready
4 Display Telepresence
Screen Share
Presenter Mode
Anyone can be Host

Pro Plan (perfect for Large Enterprises)     

$5 per User / per Month billed Annually

Supports H.323
Supports SIP
1080@30 fps
White Board
Screen Share
Presenter Mode
Anyone can be Host

What Makes inVC so Highly Effective?

Set up Easy Conference Calls
Send clients a customized link to join the conference. Conference
participants aren't required to install an app or sign up in order to participate. The system is purpose-built for the meeting and designed for capturing high-quality video feeds.

Conduct Meetings at Low Bandwidth

inVC overcomes the issue of low bandwidth and functions
on optimization while ensuring the users always have a
smooth experience during video conferencing.

Connectivity from Any Device
Achieve productivity while working on any device, including
browsers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Access our robust compatible software with automatic updates.

Adaptive Bitrate Video Streaming
Small video windows do not need high-quality video streams.
We help you switch to lower quality streams and improve retention
for live content according to screen size.

Grow As Your Organization Expands
InVC is scalable and can easily adaptable to the increasing size
of your organization. You can expand from a handful of users to thousands. Seamless experiences are provided to everyone.

Ensure Data Security
All content on delivery is protected with AES 128- bit encryption, effectively minimizing security breaches and disruptions while controlling access.

Customize your Package
While we offers predefined packages, we can adapt pricing to
develop a package that meets your organization’s specific

Quick Connect To Support Team
The support team helps to set up meetings for your organization
and offers training. Our staff provides instant support upon the occurrence of any technical or other issues.

Enterprise Solutions

Need an enterprise solution for your business? We can provide you with a custom proposal of services, designed just for you! Fill out the form and an account manager will be in touch with you. You can also call us at 800.218.5896 or +1.941.527.0141.

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