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How to forward calls from your mobile phone 
to another phone number overseas 
Many of our customers travel internationally, and one of the most frequently asked questions is, "How can I forward my mobile phone calls to an international number when I'm travelling?"  The good thing is news that Global Call Forwarding allows you to forward calls from your mobile phone to any phone number in any country. Our service is an international call forwarding service that makes it incredibly easy to forward your cell phone or landline calls internationally. 

Many phone providers are unable to forward your calls internationally.  In the rare circumstances where a carrier might do this, the call forwarding charges can be outrageous.  But our service can and will accomplish this for you - at rates that simply cannot be beaten.

How does it work?
It's simple.  You simply forward calls from your current cellular provider, whether it be AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or any other carrier, to the virtual phone number that you purchase from us.   The virtual number that  you purchase from us will redirect or divert your mobile phone or landline abroad. When your new virtual number is activated, simply enable the call forwarding feature of your existing provider so that calls are forwarded to the virtual number.  The virtual number, in turn, will divert your calls to any international phone number you wish. 

When completing our online signup form, you will be asked to enter the "ring to," or destination number, of your overseas phone number (i.e., the phone number to which you want your calls diverted.  If at the time of signup you do not yet know the final overseas number (i.e., you plan on purchasing a SIM card when you arrive at your international destination), you may temporarily set up the account with the "ring to" number as your home number. 

When you get to your travel destination and then know your overseas number, you may simply login to your account and edit the "ring to" number so that it now directs to the correct call destination number.  Once that is done, you're ready to  receive calls on your overseas number.  The fact that you are outside the country will not be detected by your caller.  In fact, we can even "disguise" the ring tone so that it sounds like a U.S. ring tone.

How do I get started?
Just use the signup link above to get your virtual phone number.  In the left-hand corner of the screen, use the drop-down menu to select the country, city, and area code.  For instance, if you want a Los Angeles number, selected "United States" in the first field and "California, Los Angeles" in the 2nd field.  If you are setting up your U.S. cell phone to redirect calls abroad, it really doesn't matter what area code you select (seeing as how most U.S. cellular providers offer nationwide long distance). 

When you receive the activation email with your new virtual call number, the number will already be activated and ready to divert or forward to whatever international number you specified as your "ring to" number on the online signup page.  

Customers outside the U.S. may forward calls
from their mobiles to other international numbers
Note that it is not a requirement to have a U.S. number for this to work.  We have virtual and toll free numbers in over 140 countries.  We can forward calls from your Australian mobile to a New Zealand number.  We can forward calls from your U.K. mobile to a Hong Kong number - or from your German mobile to Singapore.  We can forward calls from your Italy mobile number to a number in Argentina. Our service works from any country where we offer virtual numbers - and we can then forward those calls anywhere in the world.


Forward your calls internationally with 
virtual phone number
Our global call forwarding service enables you to forward calls from your mobile phone or landline to any other phone number worldwide.

Convenient Service Features 

     Call Recording 

     Time of Day Routing

     Advanced IVR/PBX

     Sequential Forwarding

     Local Ringback Tones

     Simultaneous Ringing

     Fax to Email

     Rollover Minutes

     Failover Forwarding

     Voicemail to Email

     Black and White Lists

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 How to Forward Calls from your Mobile Phone to any overseas international number
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