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International Calling Plans that provide huge SAVINGS is an independent telecom agent that offers unique and attractively priced services for customers around the globe.  Since 1996 we have represented some of the most reliable telecom providers in the industry.  We enable business, organizations, and individual customers to experience extraordinary savings on their conference calls and international call forwarding services.

Our unique services include International Call Forwarding, USA Virtual  Phone Numbers, US and Canada Toll Free Numbers, International Toll Free Numbers, Global Call Forwarding, Global Virtual Numbers, International Conference Calls, and more.

No matter where in the world you are located, you can depend on us to help you select the service that is best suited for you and that will provide the greatest savings.


International Call Forwarding | Virtual Phone Numbers


USA Virtual and Toll Free Numbers
Establish a business presence in the United States with a virtual number in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston or thousands of other cities across the U.S. Alternatively, get a U.S. toll free number. Calling forwarding from the U.S. to your mobile, fixed land line or PBX. Calls can also be diverted to VoIP/SIP address.  Build your U.S. client base and increase your market share. Five monthly plans from which to choose. No contract. Superb audio quality and dedicated customer service team.


Global Call Forwarding 
International call forwarding service offering Virtual Phone Numbers (local phone numbers) in more than 160 other countries around the globe. Wide selection of International Toll Free Service (ITFS) numbers also available Clear audio. Reliable. Five monthly plans. No contract. Dedicated customer service team. Be local to your customers no matter where in the world you are located. Make Outbound calls that display your Virtual Phone Number or ITFS number.


Virtual Call Center 
Allow your agents to place their Outbound calls with a reachable phone number that appears on the recipients Caller ID. Make and receive calls using our new Web Dialer. Set a Dynamic Caller ID to display for Outbound calls. Make assisted call transfers to other active users in your network.

Conference Call Plans

Global Video Conferencing
Create inclusive, video-first meetings with HD Video, Audio clarity and implement the ultimate productive virtual meeting experience. Join a secure video meeting flawlessly on any mobile device, laptop, tablet, and more.


U.S. and Canada Toll Free Conference Calls
2.9¢ per minute toll free conference call access across
the U.S. and Canada. Local dial-in from major cities
across the U.S. and Canada is just 1.9¢ per minute. Free
conference call recordings.

Customer Comment:
"We were so excited to learn about the availability of local numbers in Cabo. Thanks to you we're now able to transfer calls to our Los Angeles office as needed.
Randy J. - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Mexico International Call Forwarding


Customer Comment:
"Calls are diverting perfectly from our Dublin number to our head office. Brilliant!
Oliver W. - London, U.K.
Ireland International Call Forwarding


Customer Comment:
"Thank you for checking. The USA toll free number is forwarding perfectly to our Sydney office. We plan to get a UK toll free number as well.
Graham - Sydney, Australia
AustraliaInternational Call Forwarding


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