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1.  What are the payment options for setting up service?
Payment can be made via American Express, MasterCard, VISA,  and Diners Club.  There are also options to pay using international bank wire and Western Union Quick Pay.
Usage charges are billed directly to the credit card during the first week of the month for all usage incurred in the previous calendar month.  Customers can access a comprehensive monthly account statement online.   Details include date, time, call duration, cost of each call, and total charges for the usage period.

2.  What are the available countries?
Click here for a list of available countries, applicable set-up fees and per minute rates for the standard plan, and monthly packages (including minutes) for the Basic, Value, Power, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

3.  Are there any minimum usage requirements?

There are no minimum usage requirements for this service, but all plans are pre-paid plans that charge you for the plan number of minutes, even if you consume less than the package's allotted number of minutes.  All of the plans provide the option of activating the RollOver minutes feature that enables you to accumulate unused minutes for future use.

4.  What are the worldwide rates for this service?

Rates vary by location.  Please check our rates here. Select the country you will be calling from and submit the "View Rates" button.

5.  Can I upgrade (or downgrade) my plan?

Absolutely.  If you start out with the Basic plan, you can upgrade your plan at any time after purchase.  The same applies if you wish to downgrade your plan.




6.  How long does it take to open my new account?

Your virtual phone number or toll free number can be assigned withine one (1) to two (2) business days.


7.  Can I use this service from any phone? Are the rates the same?

Our Global Call Forwarding service can be used from any phone: mobile, fixed, or pay telephone lines.  The rates may vary if the call is forwarded to a mobile phone or fixed land line.  Please check our rates link for more information. 
8.  Can I forward calls to an SIP address?
Yes, absolutely.  If you have a VoIP IBX or any other VoIP capable equipment, you can receive calls using the SIP protocol.   When configuring your account, you would simply forward calls by entering the phone number  that you want us to call (i.e., the SIP user name to which we should forward your calls). 
You will also need to specify the IP at which you want your call to be sent.  Please note that we do NOT do not support domain names for now.  When configuring your account, you will need to instead inter the IP address corresponding to that domain name.
Bear in mind that while when forwarding calls to regular fixed land lines or mobile phones, the service utilizes the PSTN (the Public Switched Telephone Network).   If you choose to forward calls to your SIP address, this could have an impact on the line quality (which, in turn, will be entirely dependent on the quality of your internet service provider). 


9.  Do I pay for the calls made to my toll free number or local phone number  number?

If you have a toll free number, the caller pays no charge.  You, as the account holder, pay for the cost of international call forwarding of calls from your toll free number to your ultimate destination number.
The caller is responsible for calls made to a local phone number, or virtual phone number, that divert to your "ring to" number.  When they dial a local number, they will be charged by the local provider for that call.  You, the account holder, are responsible for the internationally forwarded call to your ultimate destination number.  The rate depends on the country to which the call is forwarded. 
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