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Businesses that benefit from International Call Forwarding

Our customers range from small businesses with international expertise to large multinational corporations with offices around the world. We find that an increasing number of businesses and organizations with customers located around the world seek local and toll free numbers to establish virtual presence in those countries.

It's simple, seamless, effective, and provides excellent value. In many cases, our customers find the cost of "receiving" call from a customer outside their own country less expensive than it would cost them to dial direct using their business telecom provider.

Listed below are some of the types of businesses that benefit from local and toll free numbers that our international call forwarding service offers:


Call Centers

A call center located in Malaysia is planning to serve a large customer base in Europe and the U.K. The challenge they have is to be able to provide local phone numbers across Europe to that customers in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom can dial a local number to reach the call center for various support or sales questions.

The solution is simple. The call center orders a set of local phone numbers in Europe through our International Call Forwarding service and forwards all the calls to their main PBX number, which distributes all incoming calls to respective departments. Customers in those European countries as well as the U.K. are now able to dial a local number to reach the the call center located in Malaysia.


Tour Operators

A tour operator located in the Bahamas has a large customer base in the USA and Canada and wants to advertise in various travel magazines. They want to handle all the sales calls directly from the Bahamas but need to give customers in the USA and Canada an easy access to reach them by phone without dialing an international number.

They order a USA toll free number that works also from Canada which delivers all the calls seamlessly to the Bahamas sales office and allow the tour operator to reach out a huge market in the USA and Canada.


Cruise Lines

One of the main challenges of cruise lines is to sell a large number of room nights for their larger cruise ships. This effort requires which an intense marketing campaign. It is crucial for them to reach out to potential travelers in the best and most efficient way possible so as to make it easy for prospective customers to make the purchase. Depending on the country they target, having toll free or local numbers for the potential customers to call directly their sales office makes it easy for the marketing and sales process with much higher success ratio.

A cruise line located in the USA may purchase toll free or local numbers in all the countries they target and the customers who see the advertisements call those in-country numbers and reach directly to cruise line's main office in the USA to make the purchase. A cruise line located in Europe that focuses on the Japanese market may choose to order a local Tokyo number or a Japan toll free number.

Hotels and Resorts

The competition among hotels and resorts in the hospitality business is fierece. New facilities are being built everywhere around the world on a daily basis, targeting customers across the globe. While hotels and resorts advertise heavily on the internet, having a local phone number for prospective customers in many countries puts that business ahead of the game when compared to its competition. So, a resort located in Turkey that chooses to expand it's customer base to Northern European countries will gain immediate benefit from acquiring local or toll free numbers in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The resort in Cabo San Lucas that deals primarily with a North American market may choose to order toll free or local numbers in the U.S. and Canada.

Hotels and resorts can purchase local numbers or toll free numbers through our Global Call Forwarding service and advertise the numbers on their websites as well as in other forms of media. Prospective customers who want to either purchase or inquiry about the resort will simply dial the local number from one of these countries and will be connected to the resort's sales office making the sales process easy and seamless.

IT Outsourcing Companies

IT outsourcing is a rapidly growing industry in Asian countries. The customers who want to outsource their IT needs are mostly located in the Western countries. The challenge for these outsourcing companies is to create virtual presence in those Western countries and to make it easy for the corporate clients to reach them.

The most cost effective and simple solution to this challenge is to acquire a set of local phone numbers in those Western countries to develop virtual presence so that businesses with IT outsourcing needs will easily reach out to them. So, the IT outsourcing company in India purchases set of local phone numbers in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London and Berlin and lists these numbers on it's website as the contact phone numbers in these cities. All the calls coming to these local phone numbers will be instantly forwarded to the main office number in India where the service reps will handle the inquiries. It is a simple tool that provides ease of mind to the customers and increases the credibility of the IT outsourcing company.

Exceptional Customer Service

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International Call Forwarding Solutions | Global Call Forwarding