Local Ringback Tones

What is a Local Ringback Tone?

A local ringback tone is the signal tone that is heard by callers while the destination’s phone is ringing. This signal tone is normally provided by the telephone exchange serving the destination number. For example, callers will usually hear North America’s standard ringback tone if your toll free number is forwarding calls to the United States. With local ringback tones, you can choose from more than 40 unique ringback tones that are used across the world. While this aspect may not be as evident right off the bat when trying to reach other markets using local numbers, a ringback tone is necessary to come off as authentic as possible.

How do Local Ringback Tones Work?

There is no standard ringback tone globally and for the most part, callers assume ringback tones are the same everywhere. However, ringback tones have characteristics that are unique to each country or region. Local ringback tones can be used to give your business a larger and more professional appearance. Customers and suppliers will assume that your business has a presence in their country when they hear the corresponding ringback tone of their country.

In North America, the default ringback tone is a repeating 2-second tone with a 4-second pause in between. While the ringback tone in Japan is a repeating 1-second tone with a 2-second pause in between. Each country has a unique ringback tone and it can be confusing to callers if they are not used to or aware of it when making calls.

Benefits of Using Local Ringback Tones

  1. People calling businesses are typically more comfortable with local numbers so it’s better to have every indication that your business is local
  2. 40 different ringback tones are available to choose from with KoalaCalling.com
  3. The service is easy to use and coordinate with your virtual local numbers
  4. Allows you to maintain local authenticity automatically
  5. When expanding virtually into other locations and countries, little details like a ringback tone can help establish your business’s local reach

How to Get and Setup Local Ringback Tones with Your Virtual Number

This free advanced feature is used by successful international companies that want to appear inviting to customers. There is no additional charge when you choose KoalaCalling.com for purchasing your numbers. Using the convenient online control panel, you can easily customize the ringback tone of your virtual numbers.

Using Local Ringback Tones with International Call Forwarding

If your calls are international and being forwarded to countries other than the one your call forwarding number belongs to, you should select the ringback tone of the origin country to avoid confusion with your callers. Follow these instructions to personalize the ringback tone of your local or toll free number:

  1. Once logged into the Control Panel click “Call Forwarding Configuration” for a number that you would like to configure.
  2. Under Call Acceptance Ringback Tone, choose the ringback tone you want from the drop-down menu.
  3. Consider the country for which the number will be used for, as that will give you an idea of the ringback tone your callers will expect to hear.
  4. Click Apply to save your settings.

What is Default/ Far End Audio?

There is an automatic option, for those want the simplest way to have a ringback tone that matches the country the number is listed for. The default setting for ringback tones is the Far End Audio option. Choosing this will simply present the caller with the actual ringback tone generated by the destination telephone exchange. For example, with the default setting, calls forwarded to Japan will automatically present Japan’s unique ringback tone.

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